Natural White Sesame

Sesamum Indicum Natural White Sesame Til Pedaliaceae
India, China, Myanmar and African countries. 70% of the world’s sesame crop is grown in Asia and 26% in Africa AT Harappa in the Indus Valley between 2250 and 1750 BC White Sesame seeds 99/1/1 (Whitish Seed 99%, Dark Colour seed : 1%, FFA : 2%, Oil : 48%, Purity : 99%) . Natural White Sesame seeds 99/1 Machine Clean 99.7% Purity White Sesame seeds (Size : Small), Oil : 48%, Purity : 99%) White Seeds known to be quite rich in many mineral contents like iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium. The seeds are also a good natural source of vitamin B1 and vitamin E. Natural Sesame seeds are used in multiple way, Mainly for extract of Oil for food, dressings, Pharmacuhtales , also occasionally added to breads and at the tops of hamburger buns 10kg 15kg , 25kg, 50 kg